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Newfies Are In Our Hearts.

Newfies Are In Our Hearts.

Do You Think They Will Find Us In Here?
Pick-Up by Appointment

Pick-Up by Appointment

Silver Fern Premium Pet Products is a Direct Sales company and has a Pick-Up by Appointment Only policy.                            We will accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or E-transfer and all payments are to be made prior to or at time of pick-up.           We do not supply a delivery service.
Simply the Best in Raw

Simply the Best in Raw

Silver Fern Premium Pet Products standards are extremely high. Our aim is to produce a Premium Diet,  for the optimum health of your pet.

We Do Not Add any Supplements or Additives of any kind to our diets as we believe that a truly balanced diet does not require any supplementation.

The formulation of our diets are geared toward helping health issues that our modern pets are prone to eg: Thyroid - relating from the inability to absorb Iodine, 
Urinary Crystals - because of extremely low moisture content in food and 
Chalky Bones - in middle aged to older animals due to lack of
Calcium Absorption.

We have taken extreme care in the selection of our ingredients to ensure our diets are
Simply the Best in Raw.

The optimum health of your pet means less Veterinary care and a more enhanced and longer
life of your Family Member.                                                                                                                                       
I'm So Pretty.

I'm So Pretty.

They Can't Find Me!!
Welcome to Silver Fern Premium Pet Products


Silver Fern Premium Pet Products  manufactures a Species Specific, Holistic, Nutritionally Balanced Frozen Raw Diet for Dogs, Cats and Ferrets.  We also do Low Temperature Dehydrated Treats.

Just as Mother Nature had intended Silver Fern Premium Pet Products has been formulated to closely mimic what your beloved little friend would be eating if He or She were having to fend for themselves.  Silver Fern Premium Pet Products has used only  Naturally Fed, Hormone and Antibiotic Free Human quality ingredients, designed to enhance the health of each and every pet.  All of Silver Fern Premium Pet Products ingredients are locally sourced here in Ontario to preserve their quality and freshness and to support local growers and farming.  We are proud to say we are 100% Canadian owned, Canadian Sourced, Canadian Manufactured and Canadian Distributed.

As Pure and Natural as Mother Nature Herself

100% Nutritional Requirements

No Preservatives

No Supplements

No Flavourings

No Colourings

No Fillers

No Mixing

No Mess

Just Thaw and Serve

Here at Silver Fern Premium Pet Products we encourage you to browse this site and if you have any concerns or questions DO NOT hesitate to contact us.

We Are What We Eat.

We Are What We Eat.

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Discover the Best in Treats
No Preservatives, Additives, Grains
or Cereals.
Only 1- 3 Ingredients 
Nutritionaly Accredited

Nutritionaly Accredited

Silver Fern Premium Pet Products is a Nutritionally Accredited Company.  Garry Van Dijk of "aVibrantLife.co.nz" (formally of "spiritsongnutrition.com") ensures all of our products are of the Highest Quality and Nutritionally Balanced.