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About Us

My Husband and I arrived in Canada in the summer of 2000 with two young girls, a 10 year old Doberman named Kaiser and a 9 year old short-hair domesticated ferrell cat named Tui. 

Coming from New Zealand, a more natural diet was a lot more common but it still consisted of a lot of cooked food.  In saying that  my Doberman would eat just about anything and my little cat was a great hunter.( You can take the cat out of the wild , but you can never really get the wild out of the cat.)   Kaiser (the dog) would eat anything from a salad to a roast of beef, while Tui (the cat) would forego the salad but anything else was fair game. His favourite  dish was a wee sparrow or field mouse or sometimes a little gecko would meet his demise.  My feeding of the cat was more of a top up when the hunting didn't go so well. The dog was my green bin, if it was organic he was in heaven. If his pickings were slim he was given a piece of cooked dog roll similar to Fresh Pet or Roll Over.

Having been involved with animals, big and small, over the course of 30 years, I was doing a reasonable job and my guys were really healthy but I was still only about 2/3 of the way to optimum health.  We became more and more convinced that there had to be a better way to care for our beloved furry companions.  A chance encounter with an animal nutritionist changed everything for us and my dream of a better way, looked as though it may become a reality. 

By the time my old boy (Kaiser) passed away at age 13 years, we had been introduced to Canada's very own gentle giant, the Newfoundland Dog and there began the next love affair.  Newfoundlands come with their own health issues as do all breeds of dogs and cats, so doing the very best that could possibly be done became essential.

One of our first Newfoundlands (a 6 year old male) had a Thyroid condition. As it turned out all four (4)  Newfoundlands we were working with had this condition which we soon discovered was one of the Newfoundlands issues. 

Thyroid conditions in dogs of all breeds today is huge.  After changing to a raw diet and working with it for about 12 months our Vet asked what we were doing to the dogs as he had never been able to cut back on Thyroid medication in any animal. He had up to that point cut back on the medication for all four (that's right 4 ) dogs. Our old Newfie had his medication cut back by 2/3.                                                                   This PROVED to us that what we were doing was RIGHT.

Now, having ironed out all the teething troubles associated with a change in diet, we have refined it to a point where it is now a life style and we simply thaw and serve.  We believe that all pets deserve the same chance to a more enhanced and prolonged life.

Our dogs get the best in life, food, pampering, play and work.  Our dogs are show dogs and they are working dogs as well as our pampered pets. If they are not in the show ring strutting their stuff they are either laying in the sun by the pool, in the pool, laying by the wood fire or pulling a cart or sled (depending on the season) with all our stuff in it because we have discovered another way to be lazy.  To have animals reach their full potential HEALTH has to be the first issue sorted out. 

Silver Fern Premium Pet Products  Welcomes you to our sight and encourages you to contact us with any queries you may have. Look around, enjoy, there's more than just a little food for thought.