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Additional Information
Additional Information

Additional Information

Below is a list of Informational Titles designed to answer any questions about Silver Fern Premium Pet Products Company and their products.  Simply click on the appropriate title to access the required information.

Our GuaranteeSilver Fern Premium Pet Products Guarantee gives information with regards to Manufacturing standards, Quality of raw materials, Eco - Friendly Company and Wheat and Gluten Free products.
Nutritionally AccreditedSilver Fern Premium Pet Products is a Nutritionally Accredited Company with the addition of a Certified Nutritionist/Live Cell Micvroscopist to our team.
Suggested Menu PlansSilver Fern Premium Pet Products has provided 3 Sample Menus to help you when starting out.
Terminology Explantions and TipsIf you are new to feeding raw then there are probably some terms that are quite foreign to you. This sheet should help.
Raw Diet Formulation.How Silver Fern Premium Pet Products came about their formula for Dogs and Cats.
Suggested Feeding Charts.The quantities given are an average so keeping track of your pets ACTUAL weight and comparing it to the IDEAL weight is always a good practice.
PricingAll of Silver Fern Premium Pet pricing is designed for  PICK-UP  only.  We do not supply a delivery service.