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Dog and Cat formula. This Raw Frozen Diet is designed for Dogs and Cats. This formula has come about through an animal nutritionist giving us the base menu to work with and a few key guidelines to follow. Add these tools together with general knowledge about Dogs and Cats through close observations of animals over the years and we have come up with a Raw Diet that is as nutritionally close to Mother Nature as we can get.

This diet is formulated for morning and night feeding with the Mixed Meat and Vegetables (Power Pucks) for breakfast and Dinner Bones and Tripe Meal for dinner for Dogs and Mixed Meat and Vegetables (Power Pucks) for breakfast and for Dinner or Dinner Bones for Cats. The Tripe Meal is simply Ground Tripe. Dinner bones are softer bones that the Dog will chew and completely consume and the Cat will chew on.

The Protein source is the only Ingredient that changes, all the other Ingredients remain the same for all flavours EXCEPT Chicken which has no Tripe.

The ingredients List is:-  Muscle Meat, Green Tripe, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Romaine Lettuce, Dandelion Greens, Red and Green Peppers, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Parsley, Strawberries, Apple, Blueberries, Beans, Celery, Whole Sardines, Whole Fresh Eggs including Shells, Garlic.

All of our ingredients are weighed out so that we are able to produce a consistent product batch after batch. As in nature it is natural for the predator to get complete nutrition from its prey over a period of time for instance a week to a month. For this reason this diet has been formulated to achieve complete nutrition over a period of one week.
The ingredient % is in accordance with the animals Total Body Weight. In order to achieve that total balance a % figure is NOT an equal amount of every ingredient as each ingredient offers different values. Incorrect Balance can cause serious health issues.

All of our Power Puck products have a 91% meat ratio, a 4.5% vegetable ratio and 4.5% Egg and Fish ratio.
Silver Fern Premium Pet Products has formulated this diet to suit all animals and to closely mimic Mother Nature as much as possible.
Keep in mind what Cats eat when allowed to hunt, (Birds, mice, chipmunks, bugs) mostly seed or vegetation eaters and some omnivores.
Dogs will hunt anything they can catch (Birds, Mice, Chipmunks, bugs other small Rodents, Fish and smaller Dogs and Cats) and top up with anything that smells good (Eggs, wild Blueberries, wild Raspberries, wild Blackberries and wild Apples) when the season is right and the pickings are not so good.

There are Two real differences between Traditional Cat and Dog Foods which are the Taurine levels and the Vegetation Levels.
When meat is cooked, even slightly, it starts to destroy the Taurine, so all Cooked Diets whether wet as in Canned Food or Cat Roll (eg; Fresh Pet), or dry as in Kibble MUST have Taurine added back in.
The other difference is in the vegetation levels as Cats are more Carnivorous than Dogs. This means that Cats cannot thrive on higher levels of vegetation, (10% and over) whereas Dogs can.
Silver Fern Premium Pet Products structures this Diet in such a way that it suits all Dog and Cat needs and as it is a raw diet there is NO need to add Taurine.